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There has been a lot of news lately about the "new normal" to expect once the lockdown is lifted. 

Microsoft Co-founder, Bill Gates, says that it will be some time before things are back to normal after the coronavirus, while some things in life will be changed forever.*

Here are the things Gates highlighted that would likely change:

  • Going to large public gatherings or filling up a restaurant

  • Business trips will reduce

  • There will be more meetings held virtually

  • Industries like F&B, tourism, hospitality, sports events, and real estate are going to be affected and take longer to recover.

So what does this mean to the people, business owners, and employees alike, who are in these industries? 

What does it mean to the educational and training industry, which revolves largely on live events, like ours?

Be Realistic, Strategise And Look For Possible Opportunities

At a time like this, it is important to first of all, to take a realistic look at what is happening. Burying your head in the ground and hoping things will just go back to normal is simply not an option. 

A good way to survive this financially would be strategise on what possible opportunities may arise despite the current challenges. 

For those in the training and coaching industry, it would be the ideal time to bring trainings online.

Get Up-to-date With Technology

With the numerous video conferencing and webinar platforms available today, anybody can deliver interactive and engaging trainings to a large number of audiences online. 

All it takes is a little proactive-ness to learn up on using these user-friendly platforms. 

Furthermore, there are substantial cost-savings from venue rentals, transportation, and catering, to name a few, which can be passed down to the students by lowering course prices.

Online trainings can also be recorded and put up on a site to be accessed on-demand. Making it more available to a larger audience, while being scalable for trainers and education companies. 

Virtual Learning Is Here To Stay

This lockdown might just be the right moment for trainers and coaches to migrate their courses online. 

And the best thing is, if and when everything does return to business as usual (assuming a vaccine is discovered in the near future) possibly one or two years down the road, you would then have two different channels of providing your training services to students, both live and online.

*This information was found in an article featured on Inc.

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