Property 10X Masterclass 3: Negotiation Strategies

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Learn tried and tested property negotiation strategies that will enable you to close the best property deals in the market.

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Property 10X Masterclass Part 3: Godfather Negotiation Strategies


Learn tried and tested property negotiation strategies that will enable you to close the best property deals in the market.

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Allen Teh, Dentistry Student

“Before I joined this course, I didn’t know that a student could buy a property. I had a dream to buy my own property but people keep telling me that first I don’t have enough money, and my loan can’t get approved. Thank God I met Dr. Ivan, and now I’ve really bought a property. This is a zero down deal, meaning I didn’t have to fork out any money (downpayment). The best part is I have a cash out of RM26,000 and cash flow of RM150 per month.”


No requirements needed. Suitable for beginners.


Ever wondered how successful property investors get the best deals in the market every time?

It’s not luck, and it’s not from due diligence.

The greatest investors get the best deals each time because they have mastered one of the highest income skills in the world – the art of negotiation.

Smart investors are rarely unprepared, and always go into negotiations with a set of proven strategies at their fingertips.

The best thing about negotiation is that it is a learnable skill that anyone can pick up, even if you’re an introvert with no experience at all.

In this course, you will learn proven negotiation strategies and techniques that property expert, Dr. Ivan Kok, has used repeatedly to seal property deals 30-50% below bank value. These are strategies compiled and developed from his own years of experience, and cannot be found anywhere else.

This course is Part 3 of his Property 10X Masterclass series. The complete series consists of three parts including Part 1: Loan Secrets and Part 2: Ultimate Property Research Engine.

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Dr. Ivan Kok, Property Speaker, Coach and Founder of Wealth Momentum
Dr. Ivan is the Founder and Managing Director of Wealth Momentum. He’s a Property Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur and a Medical Doctor.

He has had the privilege over the years to work with hundreds of aspiring property investors, service various high-level clients, and has been featured on StarProperty, Nan Yang Siang Pau, Asian Property Review, and Swee Heng Tee Property Expo, to name a few.

Dr. Ivan had a strong start in his own personal investment journey. Driven by a passion in real estate, in his first two years of property investment journey, he managed to accumulate 20 properties worth more than 10 million.

He achieved these results in such a short period because he had successfully formulated a simple and powerful strategy that was proven to work, which he then replicated again and again. With his experience and these successes under his belt, he later developed his own property investment program.

He has now guided and coached more than hundreds of property investors, especially beginners to secure Grade A properties over and over again by using the strategy he has formulated.

Today Dr. Ivan is dedicated to inspire and empower more people in achieving greater results in their life through property investment.


“After attending the class, I not only got knowledge but I also get to know what is the correct mindset an investor should have. So this is beyond what I expected.”


Chin Yung Seng, Engineer

“I cashed out RM81,000 which is massive cash out for a beginner investor like me. On top of that… I am receiving a positive cash flow of about RM140 per month. This was because of the fact that I managed to negotiate about 28% below the initial selling price. I think the first step (in anything) is always acquiring knowledge before you can execute something perfectly. So therefore, I would recommend everyone to join this program.”


Shazmeer Jafaar, Marketer

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Godfather Negotiation Strategies


Find out why Dr. Ivan considers the art of negotiation to be the top secret behind how elite investors get the best property deals in the market. And why it is considered one of the highest income skills in the world.

The Set Up

The one psychological strategy to do before the negotiation takes place that most people don't do and do not know of.

Showtime Strategy

The classic mistake you need to avoid making with your agent that could throw your deal out of the window, before you even get started.

Negotiation Superweapon

The one superweapon you need to bring with you during negotiation that will immediately double your chance of success.

State Your Business

The first thing you should do when you turn up at a meeting where negotiation takes place, if you want to be taken seriously.

Sell Yourself

A strategy that will set you apart from other competing investors, and set the stage to have the negotiation go your way.

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy

What actions and preparations you can do that will give you an advantage, before you even go into your negotiation with the seller or agent.

The Highest Energy Wins All The Time

The psychological factor that anyone can learn or develop with practise, and has been proven to be one of the key elements to win in any negotiation.


A smart, actionable tactic you can do during negotiation that will give you the upperhand, especially if you're a complete newbie to negotiation.

Strategy Time

What you can do to ensure you've covered the weak spots and nothing goes wrong, before you go into any negotiation.

Dominate The Conversation

A large part of negotiation is psychology. Find out why this strategy can help you win, and learn how you can actually do it.

The 50-50 Rule

Learn about the one risk you should always take whenever you go into negotiation, because there is only an upside to it.

Smart Open-Ended Questions

Learn about the technique you can put into use and start practising immediately when you enter into negotiation.

Begin With An End In Mind

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced people commonly make when they go into negotiation that will sabotage the deal.

First Offer Loses

The classic mistake amateurs make in the beginning of negotiation that will make them lose all their advantage, and how you can avoid it.

Final Offer

A negotiation strategy you must learn if you want to ensure high success rate of closing the deal at your target price.

Offering Too Much

Here's how you'll know if you've started off with the right offer price, and your strategy is heading in the right direction.

Create Opportunities

A powerful strategy you can use in the middle of negotiation to close the deal at your target price point.

Power Card Strategy

Preparation is everything. Here are practical strategies you can keep in your back pocket to win negotiations.

Win-Win Situation

Powerful and actionable strategies you can use to get the seller on your side, and agree to your offer price.

Be Prepared To Walk Away

The proper technique and mindset you should have if you want to enter into any negotiation like a pro.

Tripwire Strategy

The final, powerful strategy to implement before you walk away, that most people do not do, that could make all the difference in winning your deal.


#1 Property Negotiation Coaching Session

Watch a live negotiation coaching session led by Dr. Ivan with his students, and find out how to put the strategies you've learned into actual practice.

#2 Case Study: How to get a free property with extra RM80k cash out

Watch a live interview session of how Shazmeer, a student coached by Dr. Ivan, successfully closed a deal with zero downpayment and RM80k cash out.

Questions for the trainer

How to ask the trainer a question

Still have questions about property negotiation? Send them via a message to your trainer and he'll get back to you on it.