Property 10X Masterclass 2: Property Research Engine

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Property Research System

Learn the proven step-by-step system to research and find profitable properties that meet your investment goals.

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Property 10X Masterclass Part 2: Ultimate Property Research Engine


Learn the proven step-by-step system to research and find profitable properties that meet your investment goals.

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Allen Teh, Dentistry Student

“Before I joined this course, I didn’t know that a student could buy a property. I had a dream to buy my own property but people keep telling me that first I don’t have enough money, and my loan can’t get approved. Thank God I met Dr. Ivan, and now I’ve really bought a property. This is a zero down deal, meaning I didn’t have to fork out any money (downpayment). The best part is I have a cash out of RM26,000 and cash flow of RM150 per month.”


No requirements needed. Suitable for beginners.


Buying a property is a huge investment and the last thing you want to do is invest in the wrong one.

But the problem that many new investors face is that they do not know what type of property they should invest in.

This course takes you step-by-step through a system that will help you identify your investment objective and the types of property you are seeking for.

You’ll learn how to research and locate profitable properties that will not only rise in value and generate cash flow, but also attract your target tenants.

In addition, you’ll get a complete understanding of how the property market works, so that you can choose the best strategies to use, and make the right decisions on when to buy or sell.

This course is Part 2 of Dr. Ivan Kok’s Property 10X Masterclass series. The complete series consists of three parts including Part 1: Loan Secrets and Part 3: Godfather Negotiation Strategies.

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Your Trainer:

Dr. Ivan Kok, Property Speaker, Coach and Founder of Wealth Momentum
Dr. Ivan is the Founder and Managing Director of Wealth Momentum. He’s a Property Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur and a Medical Doctor.

He has had the privilege over the years to work with hundreds of aspiring property investors, service various high-level clients, and has been featured on StarProperty, Nan Yang Siang Pau, Asian Property Review, and Swee Heng Tee Property Expo, to name a few.

Dr. Ivan had a strong start in his own personal investment journey. Driven by a passion in real estate, in his first two years of property investment journey, he managed to accumulate 20 properties worth more than 10 million.

He achieved these results in such a short period because he had successfully formulated a simple and powerful strategy that was proven to work, which he then replicated again and again. With his experience and these successes under his belt, he later developed his own property investment program.

He has now guided and coached more than hundreds of property investors, especially beginners to secure Grade A properties over and over again by using the strategy he has formulated.

Today Dr. Ivan is dedicated to inspire and empower more people in achieving greater results in their life through property investment.


“After attending the class, I not only got knowledge but I also get to know what is the correct mindset an investor should have. So this is beyond what I expected.”


Chin Yung Seng, Engineer

“I cashed out RM81,000 which is massive cash out for a beginner investor like me. On top of that… I am receiving a positive cash flow of about RM140 per month. This was because of the fact that I managed to negotiate about 28% below the initial selling price. I think the first step (in anything) is always acquiring knowledge before you can execute something perfectly. So therefore, I would recommend everyone to join this program.”


Shazmeer Jafaar, Marketer

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Ultimate Property Research Engine Part 1

Introduction: The Ultimate Property Research Engine

Get an overview on what you'll be learning from this course, and why this will shortcut your journey in finding profitable properties to invest in.

Why property is a rewarding investment

Understand the different profits and cash flow you can generate from your property, and why it is seen as such a lucrative investment.

Ultimate Property Research Engine Steps 1 – 3

Dr. Ivan takes you through the steps of his proven system that he uses to research and find top grade properties to invest in... starting with setting your objectives.

Ultimate Property Research Engine Steps 4 – 5

A continuation of the proven property research system, where you'll learn about the different types of property investments available to you.

Supply vs Demand Principle

Introduction: How to make the right decisions in property investing

Dr. Ivan introduces the science and system behind making the right decisions in property investing that will ensure you make profits.

Supply vs Demand principle

Understand how the supply-demand principle applies to the property market, and how this determines if the market favours the buyer or seller.

Macro view of the property market

Get an eagle eye's view on the property market. You'll learn practical ways on how to differentiate mature from premature markets.

Micro view of the property market

Now you move on to the "close-up" or micro view of how supply and demand affects properties, such as occupancy rates and more.

Rental rate, market value and competitive advantage

Learn how research on rental rates and market value can give you insights on property demand, and help you predict if prices move at an uptrend or not.

Ultimate Property Research Engine Part 2

Step 6: The Golden Goose Strategy

In Step 6 of Dr. Ivan's property research system, you will learn about the most crucial part of where your cash flow comes from - your tenants.

The 7 Wonders Strategy Part 1

Who are your target tenants and how do you attract them? The 7 wonders strategy provides the clarity to achieve this.

The 7 Wonders Strategy Part 2

Continuation of the 7 wonders strategy, you'll get an in-depth and practical understanding of your target tenant's needs and psychology.

The 7 Wonders Strategy Part 3

Learn how to apply the matchmaking system, and identify the right property that fits your investment criteria and attracts your target tenant.

Ultimate Property Research Engine Part 3

Introduction: How to locate the right properties

How to locate the right property, and the other two elements that are equally as important in determining if your property is a winner or not.

Map Secrets Part 1: Macromap

In step 7 of the property research system, you'll learn the importance of location from a macro perspective on what factors affect your property investment decision-making.

Map Secrets Part 2: Micromap

Here you take a micro or "up-close" perspective on what factors related to location can bring your property value up or bring it down.

Map Secrets Part 3

The finale on how to apply the various strategies and techniques from past lessons, and find your Grade A property.


Dr. Ivan’s Property Research Framework

Get a copy of Dr. Ivan's property research framework that you can use to simply follow and fill in the blanks when looking for your property gem.

Questions for the trainer

How to ask your trainer a question

Still have questions about researching and finding properties? Send them via a message to your trainer and he'll get back to you on it.