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Winning Your Ideal Job in the New Normal

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winning the ideal job

Learn how to develop a career strategy and personal branding that will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

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Course Title:

Winning Your Ideal Job in the New Normal

Sub Title:

Learn how to develop a career strategy and personal branding that will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of landing your dream job.



What You Will Learn:


Finance Director, Global Technology Company

“The time when I knew I lost my job was daunting. Besides the need to plan for survival, it's also a thud on my confidence that I no longer have the skill sets that could fit into the company strategy moving forward and thus being retrenched. It was a great encounter to meet my consultant, Teresa Ong. She is experienced, gentle, caring and she guided me step by step to draw up a professional resume and Linkedin profile, and prepare me for interviews. She led me to bring back the confidence in me.
I like her advice on the assertive approach, being positive and to have trust in myself for getting a new job regardless of age. Besides helping me to get back to work, she also shared with me many other things related to a person's health and well being. I was lucky enough to land on a new job in just 2 months from the start of consultation. And of course knowing a friend who is willing to lend me an ear if need be. Thanks for the support."


Open to all levels of education.


It is without question that these times during the global pandemic are presenting individuals with one of the biggest challenges of their livesWinning Jobs in the New Normal – post Covid19.

Caution is everywhere, not just for governments, for families and friends too, and of course employers, and this caution affects hiring decisions, despite unemployment rates lowering in some sectors. The number of job vacancies is less however than the number of job searchers, and this impacts on many individuals who are facing stiffer competition not just from more experienced professionals, often with more honed skills and competencies but mostly due to their lack of understanding and personal strategy in landing a job.

It is part of Omnergy Consulting’s purpose to encourage individuals to participate in self-development of skills and competencies, leading to opportunities in landing better jobs and developing relevant work experience. The continuous acquisition of new skills and development of competencies will expand employment opportunities for the committed careerist.

By working with the changes in the new normal and economic challenges, these barriers can be overcome with the training, coaching and career advice, strategic approach and the effective easy to use templates that gives one the edge in the competitive world of work and increase your chances of landing a new and exciting job opportunity.

We will show you how to highlight your career achievements, and how to communicate it effectively, which can give potential employers the best impression of your creativity, a clear understanding of your personality, capabilities and skills, also if you’re a good fit for their job, culture and the team.

We will help you develop a career strategy which creates a lasting good impression immediately. The key is to capture their interest and make the greatest impact by showing how you can apply yourself in the workplace, and show the real VALUE you can bring to their organisation.

Who This Course Is For:

Course Curriculum:

16 modules . 33 lessons . 3hr total length

Course Introduction Part 1

1.2 Discover and Expand Your Career Options

1.3 Custom Crafted Branding – Setting Up the Right Profile

1.4 Discover the Resume Styles & Choose The Right One

1.5 Creating A Virtual Presence With Powerful LinkedIn Profile

1.6 Applying the Power of Keywords

Course Introduction Part 2

2.1 Mapping Skills, Competencies and Cultural Fit

2.2 Learning How To Extract Your Personal Unique Selling Proposition

2.3 Personalised and Effective Career Marketing Plan

2.4 Get Into The Mind of Hiring Managers and Recruiters

2.5 Strategic Job Search Strategy and Methods

Course Introduction Part 3

3.1 Developing 3C’s – Consistent | Clarity | Concise

3.2 Creating A Great and Right Impression In Interviews

3.3 Building Rapport with your Interviewers

3.4 Cultivating Offers, Salary Negotiations and Benefits

3.5 Building Relationships and Leveraging with Networking

Your Trainer:

Adrian Flude – Career and Business Transformation Specialist, Strategic Business and Communications Coach, Co-founder of Omnergy Consulting

Adrian is an expert in career transformation and strategic business coaching, and co-founder of Omnergy Consulting – a company which delivers bespoke training programs, personalised career transformation coaching and consultancy to an international client base across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Drawing on his practical management experience in a range of business sectors, his career transition coaching with C-Suite, Executives and Senior/Middle Managers, Adrian is capable of analytical and strategic assessment of career positioning and development; delivering individual and organisational change through coaching, and improving team performance and motivation, with measurable results, assessed through a combination of academic and experiential methods. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, and creating real value, which he builds into all his engagements, with all his clients and his coachees.

Adrian has extensive experience in developing and delivering coaching and training programs, both one-on-one and for groups, with an emphasis upon instigating and securing change from the C-Suite down through the organisation, and across a wide range of sectors and industries including the Military, Commodities Trading, ICT/Software Development, Logistics, Media & Advertising, F&B, Education, Fin-Tech and Banking.

Teresa Ong – Career & Business Transition Strategist, Co-founder of Omnergy Consulting, Featured as one of the best Asia Transformation Expert in Soulvana and Mindvalley

Teresa holds multiple certifications, and has extensive coaching experience across a wide spectrum of industries. A specialist in career and business transition, Teresa combines her coaching with therapeutic work in Clinical Hypnotherapy to deliver positive mind shifts by moving individuals beyond emotional and mental barriers, and towards achieving a better outcome in their career and business.

She has a proven track record in supporting thousands of individuals on their personal career path and career planning strategies, which has led to an increase in their hiring success rate. In addition, Teresa has coached clients on career and business transformation, belief systems, trauma, life purpose, branding, networking, communications and more. She has been featured as one of the best Asia Transformation Experts in Soulvana and Mindvalley.

An advocate of growth, Teresa has coached entrepreneurs and professionals of all levels internationally, with clients from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Spain. Her exposure in various industries and experience in having started up multiple businesses, has enabled her to combine real experiences in coaching her clients to achieve more clarity and success in their career and life purpose.


I would like to express my gratitude towards your team, especially Adrian, my professional consultant for assisting me during these hard times. As I am about to end the 3 months consultation period, I have found a new job as planned, with a promotion plus an increment. Looking back, it was not an easy process but hard work and great help from you to guide me made this possible.”


Senior Project Manager, Global Pharmaceuticals Company

I’m writing to express my appreciation to you Adrian, you’re the most honest and best consultant I ever had. You have helped me strive to be my best and helped boost my confidence in many ways. With your guidance, I got a new job offer and I am starting my new career on 1st April.

I have learned a lot from you, especially your ideas and fact finding about the companies worth joining. You make me feel understood and valued, and what is best in me. Following up on my case for a few months [after the end of the engagement] really helped me get to where I am today, and I would like to thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals.”


Product Manager, Global Data Analytics Organisation

The preparations that we’ve been doing have been really helpful in changing the way I view my career and prepare myself for job interviews. I love incorporating the positive psychology interventions she has been teaching me. I am finally managing to secure a job offer now. I really enjoy working with Teresa and am grateful for her guidance, encouragement and wisdom.


Operations Manager, Global Telecoms Organisation

Buy course at RM99 now (65% off)

SALE ends on 31 December 2021


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


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