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Order Flow Trader Program

The Order Flow Trader Program is a 3.5-day LIVE flagship training by professional currency trader and international speaker, Benny Liang. The program teaches you how to become a profitable trader and investor using the proven strategies that are used by over a thousand students who have joined the Order Flow Academy. This Program:

Benny Liang, Master Trainer and Founder

Benny Liang is a professional trader with 20 years of experience in trading the financial markets. He is a global finance expert, an international speaker and founder of the Order Flow Academy. 

After years of trial, error and research, Benny discovered that the market movement was mostly controlled by big players like the banks and financial institutions. By identifying and following the "Order Flows" of these big players, he was able to consistently win and earn large gains from his trades.

He then set up the Order Flow Academy to teach others on this proven methodology of trading, that turned his own life around.

The Order Flow Academy has since trained over thousands of students across South East Asia.

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