Cari Tujuan Anda. Rancang Hidup Anda.
Cari Tujuan Anda. Rancang Hidup Anda.

Penciptaan Kaedah Terkini dan Kehidupan Berorientasikan Tujuan

Emote Breakthrough Institute adalah penyedia perkhidmatan pembelajaran dalam talian yang unik, berwawasan ke arah masa hadapan yang terbaik dan mempunyai pelatih yang berkualiti tinggi.

Kami ingin memperkasakan anda untuk merancang kehidupan berdasarkan tujuan anda sendiri - sama ada untuk mengubah minat anda menjadi keuntungan, meningkatkan kemahiran anda, memulakan perniagaan… atau hanya untuk mengetahui minat terhadap sesuatu yang baru yang memberi inspirasi kepada anda.

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Apa Kata Mereka Tentang Kami

A Brief Story About Us

Our passionate team behind Emote Breakthrough Institute (E.B.I.) Online has been organising exclusive live training programs for students in Malaysia and Singapore since 2016.

In this time, we’ve organised multiple training programs, both offline and online, in topics such as investment, personal development and entrepreneurship.

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When the pandemic happened in 2020, we began holding our live workshops online via webinar platforms.

Not long after, we saw the need to bring a wider range of high quality courses that could be accessible at affordable prices to our students.

After much planning, we decided to launch the E.B.I. online learning platform.

Being part of the digital space and creating content wasn’t really something new to us.

In fact, our company first started as a digital content marketing provider for brands and MNCs back in 2013, before we moved our focus onto the training industry. 

Our experience in this field has helped us go a long way in curating content (delivered by the talented trainers who we collaborate with) that is engaging, user-friendly and intuitive for the users of this platform.

We hope you enjoy your learning experience here.

If you’re like us, then you’ll agree that learning is a lifelong journey that not only opens up a wealth of opportunities to us, but keeps us growing and passionate about life.

Lastly, we always consider ourselves a work-in-progress because we believe in continuous improvement. And if you have any feedback on how we could improve on things, feel free to drop us a note. 

Happy Learning!
Emote Breakthrough Team