Suitable for all SME business owners looking to build lean, high performance teams (even if they work from home) and grow their business exponentially...


DATE: 4 February 2021, Thursday
TIME: 3.00pm - 5.00pm
VENUE: ZOOM Webinar (Virtual Event)

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Is This You...

Are you working far more than you should for the returns you are getting?

Did you start your business with dreams of a good life, freedom and travel?

But instead, are you struggling along simply to survive?

Are you frustrated and exhausted having to juggle every job - finance, marketing, management, operations?

Constantly busy working, doing work that you paid your staff to do?

Too busy firefighting without time to do activities that drive your business forward?

Sacrificing time with your family and friends?

Sacrificing your health and fitness?

Is the business that is suppose to free you from the limitations of working for somebody else actually enslaving you?

Have you start to lose the dream that drove you to start the business in the first place?

The problem is not that you are not working hard enough... but you are working on the wrong things. 

Many business owners keep putting more time and energy into the business. But the business won't grow because there is no room to focus on the strategy of the business. It is the strategic work that moves your business forward. 

WHAT IF... you could have a business that ran like an automated machine, enabling you to regain control of your life, have time and freedom with your family and friends, and still achieve extraordinary business results you want with less time in your business?


RAYMOND CHOU, Award-winning Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Founder of business academy, Owners Circle

Hi! I used to be a "one-leg-kick" entrepreneur like you.

I did everything myself. My strength was in building relationships and closing deals but I found myself struggling to handle the A to Z of the business - admin, finance, management and marketing.

I had to work late into the night, and I didn’t have the patience to wait for my team. I just couldn’t trust others to do the work, and their performance constantly fell below my expectations.

But this mindset and attitude almost killed my business, and I confess I was once at rock bottom when I felt like giving everything up!

Luckily, I persevered and with 25 years of business experience behind me, I found a system that helped me build a business that actually works. And I was able to replicate this system every time I built a new business.


RAYMOND HAs WON 22 international business awards & Accolades including:

The truth is... I achieved all of this through my proven system of building a lean and high performing "dream team" that is designed to drive business growth and be highly scalable.

This can be applied by any SME business owner in a step-by-step method into the operations of their business.

The process is a predictable way to produce results repeatedly in the business.

I’ve now trained and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to implement this system in their business, and I’ve seen it succeed again and again...

This process is not a magic bullet, but it does require hard work.

And it will give you the level of control you need to get what you want from your business.  

It is a proven way to the top that has been successfully implemented by hundreds of businesses just like yours. It is a process that can change your life.

Here's What Some Of Our Graduates Have To Say

16 Countries in less than 2 years… and counting

"We were a two-man business trying to go international. It’s tough marketing something unique - hiring and keeping talents was even tougher! 

We are strong skeptics when it comes to training, but they proved us wrong. Their genuine love, support and being there for us is priceless. This has enabled us to build a great team to sustain our business expansion into 16 countries..."

YiShen Law & Samuel Soong,

Founders of Sttoke Incorporated

Opened second outlet after dreaming about it for 15 years

"I have dreams of owning a chain of restaurants for over 15 years. But the reality was I was struggling to maintain even one outlet. 

Today, under their guidance and support, I have already expanded into my second outlet successfully and profitably. I can’t thank them enough and I am grateful to have them by my side always."

Yenni Law,

Founder and Award-winning Chef  of Meatology 

 110% Sales target achieved for 8 months straight

"We’ve always wanted to start something new but feared things will go wrong the moment we stepped away. After the training, we revamped our team to be more goal-oriented. 

Since then, we have achieved 110% of our sales target for 8 months straight. This freed us up to start Mini Hero, our social enterprise which we’re very passionate about."

Samantha Mah,

Founder of Love Earth Organic sold in major supermarkets across Malaysia

I thought expanding was impossible. But they showed me how.

"I was just a photographer and there was no way I could scale my business. There was also too much competition. Owners Circle changed my mindset. 

Today, I am the owner of several bridal house businesses and expanding regionally all thanks to what I learnt about building high performance teams from them. This is a dream come true and I’m thankful for them."

Paul Kong,

Founder of LaFame Bridal Mansion

I no longer have to go through this entrepreneurship journey alone.

"Owners Circle Council has been really great for me. I no longer have to go through this entrepreneurship journey alone. I have gotten so much more faster in achieving my goals because I have like-minded people pushing me along."

Chris Yap,

Director, Wing Heong Group

Raymond has Impacted the Lives of Thousands of Business Owners across the Asia Pacific Region - Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and More...

Who is this Suitable for? Raymond has Helped Many Companies from Different Industries Grow and Scale.
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DATE: 4 February 2021, Thursday
TIME: 3.00pm - 5.00pm
VENUE: ZOOM Webinar (Virtual Event)

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Spots are limited to 50 pax only. Register your spot now!

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